Countertop Installation Process

Step 1
We offer homeowners two consultation options: in-home and showroom. Either way, you’ll meet with our knowledgeable representatives and have access to our expansive assortment of materials. Choose whichever option best suits you!
Step 2
During in-home consultations, we’re typically able to provide an estimate on site. After showroom consultations, we’ll provide a formal estimate within 24-48 hours of your appointment. If you decide to proceed with us, a 75% deposit is required to move forward toward fabrication. All estimates are valid for 30 days.
Step 3
Our field technicians utilize state-of-the art PhotoTop® and laser templating technology to produce precise measurements. All cabinets must be installed and leveled prior to templating. If you are supplying your own sink, faucet, and/or other accessories please have them on-site (or choose from our selection of Kohler products). Farm sinks must be installed prior to templating. We will create a custom CAD drawing of your new countertops for your review & approval.
Step 4
Once your CAD drawings and countertop details are confirmed and approved, your order will go into fabrication. At this time the templates will be digitized or a .DXF file will be sent from our LT-55 to one of our CNC or waterjet machines. The stone will be fabricated to your specifications, we will route your edge profile, polish the edges and create any cutouts required.
Step 5
On the day of installation, please have the driveway, sidewalk and entrance to the job-site clear. In the event of snow, the driveway and entrance to the job site must be clear for us to safely transport the material. Our team of experts take care in installing your countertops quickly and with minimal disruption.
Step 6
Celebrate your new kitchen, bathroom, bar! Throw a party with your friends to show off your new space and enjoy your countertops for many years to come.


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Our huge selection of quartz, natural stone porcelain and ultra-compact surfaces are on display in our spacious 8,000 square foot showroom. Our displays of large format samples, half-slabs and full slabs simplify decision-making because you can more easily envision what it will look like in your space.

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