The Cutting Edge…Literally.

Ours is a fluid industry where new ideas drive new technologies. Success requires an ongoing investment in equipment, personnel training, research and development. Our plant and our people are state of the art in every way. The payoff is operational flexibility that allows us to accommodate large and small orders reliably and cost effectively.

Go ahead and break the mold. K.G. Stevens has the expertise and modern manufacturing capabilities to shape the future as you see it!

The stone shop boasts some of the top of the line German machinery and has transformed it into a one of a kind automated stone production line. The precision of our 5-axis water jet allows us to tackle the most complicated shapes, designs and inlays. The solid surface shop continues to be top rated in part due to the addition of a thermoforming machine, and multiple CNC machines.  These expansions have made KG Stevens Wisconsin’s premier fabrication facility.

Building Inspiring Spaces

If you can imagine it, we can make it.


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