Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinetry: Fully-Custom & Semi-Custom Options

At K.G. Stevens, we proudly offer cabinetry options from pre-built and ready to install to 100% custom-built. Whether you are a remodeling professional, builder, interior designer, or property manager, K.G. Stevens has the cabinetry solution for your project. Our showroom has all cabinetry options on display for you to explore!
We are proud to offer American-made cabinets from cabinetry manufacturers partners also located in here the Midwest–from Kansas to Wisconsin! K.G. Stevens offers full design services for all project sizes. Our design professionals will collaborate with you on your project and bring innovative, functional suggestions, countertop information, and even samples from our showroom directly to you!
As an added bonus, we also offer cabinet hardware from Berenson and Jeffrey Alexander.
Countryside Cabinets
Enjoy the freedom to choose your overlay and door style, as well as over 100 colors and wood species combinations in our standard offering. These Semi-custom cabinets offer more choices, streamlined manufacturing, and dedicated delivery services throughout the midwest. Founded in 1975 as a family-owned business, Countryside cabinets are proudly made in Wisconsin, crafted with pride, made to order, and built to last.
Custom Wood Products

Custom Wood Products is built on a foundation of great work ethic, trust and employees who genuinely care about building the best products possible. Construction, assembly and finishing is done by hand, and we believe nobody can do it better than our craftsmen. Custom Wood is a total custom cabinetry line that offers unique and well-thought storage and cabinetry solutions.

Kountry Wood Products
Kountry Wood Products was founded on a basic business philosophy; that building a quality product, selling at a reasonable price, and providing customers with good service was the key to building a successful business. Kountry Wood’s versatile product line is comprised of numerous cabinet modules in a variety of flat and raised door styles and highly regarded by customers and vendors alike.

Ready to Install Cabinetry — KWP PRO

K.G. Stevens also offers a budget-friendly, locally stocked, quality line of cabinetry that is perfect for the investor community or DIYer called KWP PRO. Brought to you by Kountry Wood Products, this line of cabinets offers four unique finish options (White, Slate, Sandstone and Auburn) in hundreds of common size kitchen and bath cabinets. Additionally, these cabinets are made in America from trees grown in American soil. We can offer you a 10-foot by 10-foot kitchen worth of cabinets for under $2,000!
Our centrally located warehouse in the Miller Valley stocks over 400 SKUs giving you the size options you need for your project. Once ordered, our warehouse offers a convenient drive-up service. Simply pull up to one of our large overhead garage doors and our staff will load your selections for you!
No carts, no checkout lines, no hassle.
Cabinetry Warehouse
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