The Cutting Edge...Literally
Ours is a fluid industry where new ideas drive new technologies. Success requires an ongoing investment in equipment, personnel training, research and development. Our plant and our people are state of the art in every way. The payoff is operational flexibility that allows us to accommodate large and small orders reliably and cost effectively.

Go ahead and break the mold. K.G. Stevens has the expertise and modern manufacturing capabilities to shape the future as you see it!

A Solid Commitment To Performance

We know our customers want choices. That's why we offer a wide range of brands to help you give your customers what they desire. We believe the lifelong luster of client satisfaction comes with specifying the very best products available. Our reputation and yours depend on nothing less!

Solid Surface: Solid surface products are non-porous so stains, mold and mildew are unable to penetrate the surface and they clean up very easy. Solid surface offers the ability to have an integral kitchen or bathroom sink and seams are inconspicuous, creating the illusion of a one-piece countertop. With a wide range of colors and design options, anything you imagine, can be created. Here are the brands we offer:

Avonite®, LG Hi-Macs®, Hanex®, Mystera®, Meganite®, Staron® 

Corian® and Wilsonart®

Quartz Surfaces: All quartz surfaces are composed primarily of quartz crystals, which make them a very durable product that is resistant to both heat and scratches. Additionally, they are non-porous so you never need to seal the product or worry about any stains penetrating the surface. Quartz surfaces offer a more uniform color pattern than granite and wide range of colors that cannot be found in nature. Sinks must either be under-mounted or top-mounted and backsplashes must be set on. Here are the brands we offer:

Silestone®, Hanstone®, Caesarstone®, LG Viatera® and Zodiaq® 

Natural Stone: While they differ in color, texture and crystalline structure, granites have three essential minerals in common - Feldspar (50% or greater), Quartz (25-40%) and Mica (3-10%). These minerals occur in different proportions, giving every slab its own color, texture and structural characteristics. Therefore, no two slabs of granite are alike and they offer a unique look and design in every piece. It is important to know seams are visible and depending on the color and grade of granite, it may stain. It is best to seal the product annually to help prevent any staining.