1. Do you work directly with homeowners?
As a wholesale manufacturer, we partner with local retailers, remodelers, builders, architects and interior designers to provide their customers with solid surface, quartz surface or natural stone countertops. If you are looking to replace your countertops, we suggest you visit our Dealers page and work with one of our many fine customers.

2. As a Dealer, Remodeler, Builder, Architect or Interior Designer how do I submit a job?
As with every order, we require a few elements to process your job completely. We ask that you provide us: (1) a complete Order Form, (2) a drawing of the job and (3) our bid. If you do not have a bid from us, please fax it over to 262-432-1063.  When you are ready to send over your job, just include all three documents. Once we have all of them, we will begin to process your job.

3. Can we visit your facility?
We believe by giving designers, sales people and expeditors the chance to view our operation it will lead to a better understanding of the manufacturing process. However, we ask you please contact us to schedule a time to tour our facility.

4. How do I get a sample of particular product?
Our goal is to provide you with the product that meets your needs and desires. If you are in need of a sample, please visit our Sample page and we’ll work diligently to get the color you need as quickly as possible.

5. Who do I contact for my job?
Like any business, we are committed to providing our clients the highest level of customer service. Everyday we strive to provide you with the best brands, exceptional service and unmatched quality. Please call 262-432-1060 and we will do our best to get you in contact with the appropriate person.